Capture, suggest and discuss blog posts with ideas, tips, tutorials and more

Capture, suggest and discuss blog posts with ideas, tips, tutorials and more

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What is it about?
ABOUT What is Wayscap?

Wayscap is a blogosphere community developed to bring together different versions and ways to a community that loves discovering, creating and sharing value with a personal touch and getting a real opinion about it.

How did we come up with the idea and what’s the meaning of the name?

We came up with the idea to create Wayscap to cover a personal need. Like most people, we turn to search engines or to social networks when we want to find How-tos, be it because we need that information or because we simply want inspiration or are interested in certain topics. Since blogging is an ever growing phenomenon, most of the results we find these days are either blog posts or videos showing the different ways to solve our query. So one day a thought popped up into our minds; how great would it be if we could capture and collect all these ways in one place? Hence the idea and the name, Wayscap

How does the idea add value to your life? What is it really about?

Wayscap is a great way to collect and share all those useful blog posts we find when surfing the net, be it because we’re simply interested in certain topics, because we’re looking for some information, because we think it will come in handy at some point or simply because we like it or want to share it with our loved ones. It’s a place where you can find all your favorite bloggers, discover new ones and share your opinions and views with the rest of the community. It’s simple like that.

What platforms is Wayscap App available on?

Wayscap is currently available on all Android devices. Our team is working on bringing the iOS as soon as possible.

How much is Wayscap App?

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Account privacy

Since we’re focused on the content and the related views and opinions, we consider that it’s important to keep it all public. It’s about a community sharing value within the same community.

What does the “everything is public” policy exactly apply to? When you, as a Wayscap user, interact with a post or a board, everyone within the community can see this interaction. Your activity can be seen directly on the post or board or on your profile’s feed. Your chosen interests, username, followings and followers can also be seen by the community.

That’s the extent of this policy. Everything related to your personal data, provided during the registration process, is kept private. For more information, read our Terms and Privacy Policy.